Student Clubs and Organizations

There are over 30 + student organizations and clubs that you can get involved in at Western. You can start by joining a club, perhaps taking a leadership role as an executive officer or serving as their club representative at General Assembly meetings. For more information about each specific club contact the advisor(s) listed or the Student Life Office.

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Clubs/Organizations for 2017-2018
ABC (All ‘Bout Children)Tracy CrakerC-204
 Sharon EnghC-205
Skills HVAC (ACRO) Michael StewartT205D
ASHRAE (Amer. Soc. Htg. Ref. & Air Cond.)Michael StewartT205D
Alliance for EqualityIssac TillmanR4007
Biomedical Electronics Org.Lilly KosirT-303
CRU Eddie HaleC-246
 Rick PowersC-211
Collegiate DECADave WignessK-104
 Ray SlatteryB-208E
Coulee Region ArchitectureLoren AndersonT-207G
 Pete ZirbelT-207A
Criminal Justice AssociationMike EarllSparta
Electronics ClubMitch SchultzK-301B
Electromechanical & Automation clubAndy GeorgeT-205G
Fine Arts ClubLisa HeiseC-218
Fire Fighter ClubRobert SmithSparta
Foods ClubDeb KlugK-301R
 Jean Ahrens 
 Margaret NinnemanK-301A
Foundations of Teacher Education (IA)Shelley BauerC-206
Graphics ClubKen HeyC-109
Green Energy Efficiency Josh VandebergC219A
Health Information Technology & Medical Coding SpecialistSusan SummerfieldK-303N
Human Services Ann LichliterC-212
 Keith LeaseC-213
Landscape HorticultureDavid LeinT-203A
MLT/CLT HOS ClubKari ChristensonH-4092
 LeeAnne SchwanH-4086
Multi-Cultural ClubBenard BlackR-232
Phi Theta Kappa (Beta Nu Chi Chapter)Dan RooneyC-221
 Linda DuffyC-236
PAS-Postsecondary Ag. StudentTracy HarperC-144
Respiratory ClubFranz SchuttenhelmK-303B
 Kathy NelsonK-315P
SHRM  (Society for Human Resource Management)Mabel GehrettB-204B
 Lori OlsonB-204E
SkillsUSA - AutoPhil SolbergATC 106
 Doug ThesingATC 110
SkillsUSA DieselJason LewisDiesel
 Chad HofslienDiesel
SkillsUSA Wood Tech Dave HahmT-203F
 Scott ErdmanT-203G
 Alan PaulsonT-203E
Students for Ongoing Rational Debate (SORD)Doug WeidenbachC-233
Student Nursing AssociationCharlene HopkinsK-301K
 Stacy RiceK-301M
Student Occupational Therapy Assoc. Chris KruegerH-4041
Study Abroad ClubLinda DuffyC-236
Western Asian  Club (W.A.C.)Benard BlackR-232

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