There are Student Government and college committees that students can participate in to gain valuable leadership and involvement experience. If you are interested in joining a committee, contact the chair person(s) directly or the Student Life Office. See below for specific information on each committee, or click the committee name for more information. 

Student Government & College Committees

Student Government Sub-Committees:

1)      Appropriations (Budget) Committee: 

        Chaired by the Treasurer, and President. 

        Contact them at &

        Task: Build the Student Government budget and Reserve Fund requests for General Assembly.

        Meetings: 1st and 3rd Fridays of the Month, 10:20am-11:20am, K-100C    


2)      Campus Events Committee: 

        Chaired by the Campus Events Coordinator, John Haneke and Vice President, Perla Donjuan. 

        Contact them at &

        Task: Plan and promote campus events and activities.

        Meetings: Wednesdays, 11:30am-12:30pm, K-100C


3)      Student and Legislative Affairs Committee: 

        Chaired by the Parliamentarian, (Open) and Secretary, Sabrina Diehl.

        Contact them at &

        Task: Address student issues at Western, represent Western at the state level by working on legislative issues relating to students and update                 Student Government Bylaws and Constitution as needed.

        Meetings: 2nd and 4th Friday of the Month, 10:20am-11:20am, K-100C

Wisconsin Student Government (WSG): 

        The mission of WSG is to represent, promote, advocate and protect the interests of the technical colleges and their students in the 16 districts comprising the State of Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS).

To establish positive relationships with state legislators in support of the needs and interests of WTCS students and colleges.

To communicate relevant information to legislators at the state level.

To garner support for the Wisconsin Technical College System.

WSG Governor is Student Vice President,  

WSG Lt. Governor is Student Parliamentarian,


College Committees:

4)      AODA Committee: 

        Chaired by Ge Vang,

        Task: Plan educational Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse programs to raise awareness and promote healthy lifestyle choices.       

        Meetings: 2nd Monday of the Month, 1:50pm-2:50pm, K-100C                                                  


5)      Tobacco-Free Work Group: 

        Chaired by Ge Vang,

        Task: Remind campus community of tobacco-free policy, promote cessation resources and put on educational program for the school.

        Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 11:30am-12:15pm, K-100C



 Operation River Watch: 

        Volunteer Coordinator is Rebecca Bolton, Student Body President

        Contact him at

        Task: Coordinate volunteer opportunities for Operation River Watch, Aid Station, and Family Zone.


Sign up for River Watch Shifts:

        Spring 2019 Dates:

January 10th:

11pm -1am shift

1am - 3am shift


January 11th:

11pm - 1am

1am - 3am


 January 12th:

11pm - 1am

1am - 3am